If you've input your values for a single stat graph and then come up with a blank graph or missing values/dates, there is typically one of two things occurring:

1) The scale is manually set so it won't show the points on the graph.


2) The date range is set too short so no points show on the graph (often the case if something like "current month" is selected for the date range).

Here is how to check if your scale is manually set:

1. If you're currently looking at a blank graph, you're in the right place. If you're not looking at a graph at all, click on 'Graphing' and select 'Single Stat Graph'.

2. Now select the stat you'd like to view and look at the fields under 'Scale'. If you have numbers entered, you can simply delete them (this allows Use My Stats to automatically scale the values), or you may adjust them to reflect the lowest and highest values possible for that stat. Click 'Re-Graph Stat'. 

Here is how to adjust your date range:

1. The 'Date Range' can be adjusted by either using the drop down menu or entering in specific dates. If you've selected "Current Week" or "Current Month", but have yet to enter values, it will likely resemble this:

1. From the dropdown menu under 'Date Range, select "Custom" then define the dates you'd like to view and click 'Re-Graph Stat'. You may also select one of the other options from the 'Date Range' dropdown menu that suits your needs.