Yes, we provide a direct integration to your Open Dental information! To get started, first go the the "More" tab, then "Integrations".

Scroll down to the OpenDental integration and click the "Activate" button. 

Click here to download the UMS OpenDental Installer

After clicking the download link you may receive a warning message. Just click the arrow and then select "keep".

Once the install window pops up, click "Run".

Start the installer with the "Next" button.

Accept the terms and conditions, then click "Next".

Unless you're particularly fluent in computers, it's best to leave the destination folder at the default setting and simply click "Next" again.

On the next screen, you'll need to erase the "PUT USERNAME HERE" from the first box and enter the email address you use to log in to UseMyStats. Then erase the "PUT PASSWORD HERE" from the second box and enter the password you use to log in to UseMyStats.

After entering your username and password - make sure it's the information you use to access your UseMyStats account, not your Open Dental account - click "Next".

On the next window, just click "Install".

As the install is going through, the green bar will progress forward. 

Once it's done installing, the next window should show "Successfully Connected!" under the Test Connection button. Don't change any of the other settings, just click "Next".

If you already have an Open Dental stats included in your UseMyStats account, you'll see an information window letting you know. To add more stats, just click "Next".

The first window to add stats is for general, company-wide stats. On the left are the stats that are available for integration. Click the stat you want to integrate, then click "Add". Repeat for all stats you want to include.

The stats you select will move to the right-hand side to be integrated. Once you have all the stats you need on the right, click "Next".

Now select the specialty stats that you want to integrate, move them to the right-hand side, and click "Next" again.

Repeat with the provider-specific stats.

And with the referral-related stats.

Continue with the category-related stats. 

And finally, include any code-related stats you want to integrate.

Before you finalize the integration you'll be prompted to select what combination of daily, weekly and monthly stats you want and how far back the system should start pulling data. Keep in mind that for each statistic you've selected on all prior windows, times daily/weekly/monthly versions, the total number of statistics increases quickly. Once you've made your selection, click the "Create Stats" button.

You're now given a final prompt of the total number of statistics you're about to create. If this is what you've intended, click "Yes". Otherwise, click "No" and then use the "Back" button to return to earlier windows of the installer and change your selections.

The stats you've selected are now created. Give the system a few minutes to as much as 3 hours depending on the number of statistics you've selected and how far back you've set the installer to go, and your stats are done! For now to close the installer, click "Ok".

Click "Finish" and you're all set.