NOTE: UNFORTUNATELY We are no longer offering integration with Dentrix. The price to integrate was raised significantly and it was no longer viable to integrate with Dentrix. So existing Dentrix integrations will continue to work, but no new ones can be set up.

What do you do if you already have Dentrix up and running but decide you want to integrate another stat?

It's possible to do this from the UseMyStats end, but it's much easier to run the installation program again, just adding the new stat during set up.

Start by going to the same physical computer where you originally installed the UseMyStats plugin.

Open up My Computer (known as "This PC" in Windows 8.1 and above). If you don't know where it's located, you can find it through the start menu explorer.

In the list of computer locations to the left, find the listing for C:\ and click on it. Or, if it's in the main window you can click on it there. 

Click on Program Files (x86)

Click on UseMyStats

Click on v451 (if you don't have a v451, then click on the v[biggest number you have there] folder

Click on SetUp.bat

This will open up the same installer that you went through before to create the stats, except it will now have a screen pop up at the beginning tell you which stats you have already created.

1. Remember, you are only creating new stats, so don't add everything again that you already have. The stats in the box on the right are already in your account. Select any new ones from the left and add them to the right. If you don't want to make any changes to a particular screen, just click "Next".

2. Move through the provider, referral, category, and code-related screens.

3. Click the appropriate daily, weekly, monthly check boxes, and the length of time to check back in Dentrix for values.

4. Click Create Stats (it should prompt you with just a few stats being created--not as many as when you first ran the installer)

5. Click OK and once it's done, exit the installer.

The stats should now show up in your list in UseMyStats. The values will be filled in over the next 24 hours as UseMyStats makes the first connection and gathers the information.

And that's how it's done!