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Welcome to UseMyStats! Here are the basics to get rolling as a new consultant-level company. First, your subscription with UseMyStats comes with the ability to add as many companies as you need for your clients, but you also receive an unlimited UseMyStats account for your own use. We call this the “master” account and it’s where you’ll keep all your own statistics and staff members - and also the home base you’ll use to view any of your “sub” accounts - those.

In this example, my master company is ACME Consultants and we work with donut shops.

When I log into UseMyStats for the first time, I see my own ACME company account where I’m planning to track # of donut shops with increasing income, # of donut shops we consult in Oregon, and # of promotional mailings. We’ll get to that in a minute.

First, let’s look at the “Switch Company” area where you’ll be able to access and create all your client accounts. From your own menu, click “Switch Company”.

Starting out, your master account is the only company in the list. To the left is the “New Company” button.


Let’s start by walking through the process to create a sub-account for one of your clients. The following information is needed to create a new account:

  • Company name

  • Primary user (This may be the owner, or in other cases it may be the staff member who handles statistics. In this case, Sally owns the donut shop but Bob is her office manager who will be using the account)

  • Email address of the primary user

  • An initial password (you choose) for the primary user - they can change this to a password of their own choice later on.

  • Time zone of the company - use the default and correct it later if you don’t know

  • Day of the week this company uses as the end of a statistical week - use the default and correct it later if you don’t know

  • Month and day this company uses as the end of a statistical year - use the default and correct it later if you don’t know

Select your custom consultant plan from the list of payment options - and whether the company will be paying for the UseMyStats account themselves, or your company will be billed directly.


You’re now no longer viewing your master account, you’re entirely within the account of Sally’s Sweetshop - seeing what Bob will see. Any time you’re in a client’s account a yellow bar displays across the top of the screen as a reminder that all actions you take are inside this company.

Now, let’s cover entering Bob’s first stat - number of donuts sold. From the main menu across the top, select “More” and then “Statistics”.


Here you can create a statistic from scratch. 

The required basic settings for a new stat are the name of the statistic, how often you’ll be entering values, how many decimal places apply (i.e. none for # of donuts sold, but 2 decimal places for $$ donuts sales) and whether you want those decimal places to display on the graph even when the value is 0. For money this is typically yes so that four dollars will display as $4.00 instead of $4). 


We’re going to skip over advanced settings at the moment and go straight to entering values with the “Save and Enter Values” button. Click the link here for more information about advanced settings.

You’re now looking at the Single Stat Entry page:

Here you see any values already entered for this stat under the “Entered Value” column, and enter new values under “New Value”. The same boxes are repeated for optional quotas - where you set the target for the stat. All the way to the right is a notes box. Both quotas and notes are optional on the graph. After entering the numbers, click “Save and Graph” to view it.


Each graph is automatically scaled to represent the highest and lowest values entered over the last 13 intervals entered. In this instance, the lowest value over this span of time is 40 and the highest is 60 - so the graph automatically scales with 40 at the bottom and 60 at the top.

The quota displays as a red broken line, while the actual statistical values are represented in a black solid line for an increase and red solid line for a decrease.

A larger dot on the graph indicates a note has been entered for that value. Hover over the dot to see the note.

On the right you can print the graph, change the time period or date range you’re viewing, alter the scale, display notes and quotas, etc. This page is best played around with to see how it best represents your data. The best part is the graphs are ultimately flexible so you can go to town knowing the basic values haven’t changed.


That takes you through the initial setup of the first statistic. To add additional statistics, simply return to “More”, “Statistics”, and click on the “Add Stat” button to repeat the process.



For more information about formatting an excel spreadsheet for upload to UseMyStats, click here:

Often more than one user is needed per office. To add additional users, click “More” in the main menu bar and then “Users”.Then select "Create New". 


The various access levels you can assign to new users are as follows:

  • Site Admin - A Site Admin has access to view and edit user information, company-wide statistics, and company details for his own company. If this is the site admin for the consultant master account, he may also view statistics for sub-companies, but may not edit them.

  • Stat Admin - A Stat Admin has access to view and edit company-wide statistics for his own company. If this user is in a consultant master account, he has no access to sub-companies.

  • Allow to Switch Companies - A user with this permission may view and edit company-wide statistics in a sub-company, but may not edit company-wide statistics in his own company. This access level is only applicable to consultant master account users.

  • Consultant - A Consultant may view company-wide statistics in his own company. He may view and edit company-wide statistics, user profiles, and company details in a sub-company. This access level is only applicable to consultant master account users.

  • Limited User - A limited user is only allowed to view or edit statistics they have created themselves, or which have been explicitly shared to them by the creator.

Each of these settings can be viewed by hovering over the question mark next to the item.


That should get you started creating accounts and basic statistics. For more information about any of the items available in the “More” menu, explore the areas below:


  • Client Dashboard - From here you can set a primary statistic for each of your client accounts, allowing you to see at a glance how each company is doing.

  • Stat Groups - Organize your statistics into groups for easier navigation and ease of use.

  • Integrations - Pull statistics directly from other applications you use such as Google Analytics, QuickBooks, etc.

  • Company Details - Set your week and year ending dates, time zone, and system administrator.

  • Money and Such - Select your UseMyStats plan, view invoices, and update payment information.

  • Date Ranges - Set custom date ranges for graph display to suit time frames specific to your company.