One of our primary concerns over here at UseMyStats is to keep the site responding to your needs as a user. We love to try new ideas, test out new features, and are always working to make the site work for you. With all this going on and despite our best efforts to test, test, test, occasionally something slips by.

So what do YOU do if the page you're using doesn't work how you expected it to?

Here are a few things to try:

a) Open up a different browser and try the exact same steps. If you were using Firefox, try the same actions on the same page in Internet Explorer or Chrome or vice versa. Does it work correctly now?

b) If the problem persists in a different browser, try a different computer entirely. Does it work correctly now?

c) If the problem still persists, see if you can have another user try the same actions on the same page, but logged in to their own account instead of yours. Do they have the same issue?

d) If the three steps above have not resolved the problem, you now have plenty of information to send so we can resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Don't forget to tell us what you've tried in your bug report! No information is too small or too irrelevant.

e) Even if the problem has resolved, tell us what it was! If the system works well in one browser, but has an issue in another, we'd love to know so we can get it running smoothly no matter where and how you use it. If there's a problem in your account, but another user is fine, let us know so we can straighten out your account. If something was going wrong, but you found a brilliant way around it, let us know so we can implement that everywhere!

For some tips on submitting an effective feedback report, read the help article Submitting a Bug Report.