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But what do you do if something doesn't work correctly? Take a moment to read What if Something Breaks??? for some basic ideas of how to resolve the issue on the spot.

But what if the issue hasn't resolved? Use the Feedback link to let us know so we can get on fixing it right away!

Here are some tips to submitting a bug report for quick resolution turnaround:

1) Tell us what you've done already. Did you try other browsers? Tell us! Did you have another user try the error in their account? Tell us! Did you try another computer? Tell us! The more information we have to narrow down the problem, the better.

2) Tell us how you got the error, every click, button and detail. For example, "I clicked on 'Enter Stats' and then 'Single Stat Entry'. I selected 'Stat A' from the dropdown box and clicked 'Save'. I expected the grid below to change, but it didn't."

3) Tell us how to reach you. Sometimes the email address in the system isn't the best way for us to get a hold of you for additional questions, or to let you know we've resolved the issue. Let us know what is!

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