NOTE: UNFORTUNATELY We are no longer offering integration with Dentrix. The price to integrate was raised significantly and it was no longer viable to integrate with Dentrix. So existing Dentrix integrations will continue to work, but no new ones can be set up.

One of the things we’re passionate about here at UseMyStats is making stats available for anyone and everyone who wants to use them and one of the ways we do that is by linking up with your existing programs to pull and graph your data automatically, removing the double work.

For our dental customers who use Dentrix Software and are on a Premium level plan, we invite you to click the link below to integrate your UseMyStats and Dentrix accounts. After the installer is complete, UseMyStats will fetch the relevant data from your Dentrix software without you needing to lift a finger.

Click here to download the UMS Dentrix Installer

No worries, UseMyStats will never alter, edit, or enter your Dentrix information. This is a one-way street from your already up-and-running Dentrix machine to our beautiful graphs.

The installer should be run from one of the computers in your office that has Dentrix installed on it that stays on all the time, preferably the Dentrix "server" (it only needs to be installed one time, not on every computer). Once you’re ready, follow the directions below and enjoy watching the numbers roll in!

Note: This installer requires you to have administrative permissions on the computer you are installing it on. Without these permissions we can't correctly connect with Dentrix. If you do not have administrative permissions, see your local network or system administrator for access. 

Don’t forget to begin the installer on the same computer in your office that Dentrix is run from.

After ensuring you're comfortable with the licensing terms, click the “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” checkbox. The “Next” button will not work unless this box is checked.

This screen notifies you which folder on your computer the UseMyStats / Dentrix connection file will be stored in. The installer will create a new folder called “UseMyStats” in a default location. We strongly suggest leaving the default location as it is and clicking “Next”.

Now erase "PUT USERNAME HERE" in the top box on the left and replace it with the username you use to log in to your UseMyStats account. Erase "PUT PASSWORD HERE" in the top box on the left and replace it with your UseMyStats password. This is used once to generate a code that UseMyStats will recognize as an authorized user. We don’t store your login information, we store the generated code. Unless you have specific instructions from UseMyStats, leave the location as and click “Next”. 

Next, click "Yes" to allow UseMyStats access to Dentrix.
Note: Sometimes for Dentrix 6 users, Dentrix needs a small "update" to allow us to connect in properly. To download this fix, click here.

Click "Install" to begin the installation process.

After installation is complete, click the "Next" button.

A system screen may appear during installation. If so, don't type in or alter this screen.

You can use the UseMyStats icon on your desktop navigation bar to return to the setup window.

Now select any statistics you would like tracked as a total value for the entire practice. The values entered individually in Dentrix will be pulled to UseMyStats and automatically tallied for a total value. Click any stat you would to track and it will be highlighted to show that it’s selected. Then click “ADD” and the stat will be moved to the box on the right. Once the box on the right contains all statistics you’d like to track for the practice as a whole, click “Next”.

Don't worry if you pick too many here. It's easy to remove them from the UseMyStats side if you decide you don't want them later.

You may also choose to track statistics for individual providers. Again, highlight the item and using the “ADD” button, move it to the right, creating a list of providers to track. UseMyStats will then generate a total of 16 weekly and monthly statistics such as Collections, Production, Office Visits, etc. for each selected provider.

You may also choose to select referral statistics to track related statistics for any patient marked as referred from the selected item. Again, each referral item selected generates 16 statistics so you may choose to select more sparingly if your office has many referral sources.

Now select any individual procedure categories that you would like to track. This will take any procedure in this category entered by any provider in your practice and tally the information to a total statistic in UseMyStats. Here you should be selective, as each category generates 16 statistics and choosing too many will create so many stats it may slow your access down.

Finally, select any individual codes that you would like to track. Again, be selective. It's possible to create thousands of statistics here, but that makes things run a bit more slowly.

Select the frequency you would like each statistic created for. For example, the above will generate "New Patients" daily, "New Patients" weekly, and "New Patients" monthly. Then click "Create Stats".

The installation is now complete! Click “Finish” and the installer will close. It may take up to 24 hours for the first statistics to appear in your UseMyStats account. All you need to do after that is continue to use Dentrix as always and enjoy the graphs as they are automatically created in UseMyStats.

Of course if you have any questions or need any help, you can always contact us.