One of the things we’re passionate about here at UseMyStats is making stats available for anyone and everyone who wants to use them and one of the ways we do that is by linking up with your existing programs to pull and graph your data automatically, removing the double work. We currently offer integration to Google Analytics, InfusionSoft marketing software, and Dentrix dental software. If you’re interested in Dentrix Integration, click the link here for the specific instructions. Otherwise, read on!

Once you’ve linked your accounts, UseMyStats will fetch the relevant data from your outside software without you needing to lift a finger. And no worries, UseMyStats will never alter, edit, or enter your outside information. This is a one-way street from your outside software to our beautiful graphs. Here’s how it works:

Start by going to the Admin tab, and then “API Activation”.

Google Analytics and InfusionSoft integration are available on all accounts. Dentrix is currently available on the Premium level only.

Click “Activate” next to the account you’d like to link:

If you clicked Google Analytics, you’ll now be brought to a page to select which of your google accounts (if you have more than one) you’d like to integrate:

Next, let UseMyStats know which google account to use:

This completes the connection to Google Analytics. To see how to add stats to track, scroll past the InfusionSoft integration to the bottom of this article.

If you click InfusionSoft from the list, you’re brought to your InfusionSoft login page. UseMyStats does not ever get your Infusionsoft login information. The link generates a code, we store the code, and your password remains your own.

Next, grant permission for UseMyStats to connect to your InfusionSoft account:

That's all it takes to connect InfusionSoft to UseMyStats.

Now that your connection is complete, let's cover how to add statistics to be tracked.

Start with the "Statistic Creation/Editing" button.

If the statistic you want automatically tracked already exists in your account, use the edit button to the right. Otherwise, use the "Create New" button to create a new stat.

Scroll to the bottom to the "Data Entry Method" section and change the dropdown box to API. Click the new button that appears, "Set Up Data".

In the first dropdown box, select the system this statistic should pull data from, then in the second dropdown box, select the data itself.

Since the link between your UseMyStats account and the outside source is complete, a full list of available data will display in the dropdown box. Set the link for each statistic you need tracked and let it roll!

For any questions about software integration and how it works, please feel free to contact us directly.