A "Consultant" account in UseMyStats is a fantastic tool that allows you to monitor and manage multiple accounts from one "master" login. Each individual account has full access to their own data, while you maintain the ability to access them all. So, how do you set up the sub-companies to ensure they are properly tied to your master account and users have access to the information and company they need? Start by going to the "Switch Company" link in the upper left of the screen.


You are now taken to a grid showing all sub-companies assigned to your master account.

Since this account is new, only the master is available. Your master account will always display as the top company in the list. To the right you can see which company you are currently viewing. To add a new sub-company, click the "New Company" button.


Enter the information for your sub-company, paying particular attention to the correct weekending date, as this information is the cornerstone of many system functions. It can be changed later, but it's much simpler to enter the correct information from the beginning.

You have the option for the master company to be billed for each sub-company, or you can select to have the sub-company be billed directly.

Once you have created the company, you are "switched into" their account. This means all information you are now viewing pertains to this specific sub-company only. A banner displays to warn you that you've left the master company view.

Now, returning to "Switch Company", you can see the sub-company has been added to the list.

Remaining "in" the sub-company, the final step is to add some users. These users will have access to the sub-company only. They do not have access to the master account or the other companies tied to the master account.

Use the "More" button, then "Users".

From this page you have the ability to set what each user can see and do within their own company, assign passwords, and more. Hover over the question mark icons for an explanation of what each setting allows.


That's all there is to setting up your first sub-company!