First, log in and go to "More", then "Company Details.

There are two different boxes for company name here - the first is your "official" company title. The second is the name you want to appear on the graphs. Some companies abbreviate, some companies use initials, some companies use the same title for each. 

The administrator has full access to everything in the account. They can see other user's details, all stats, all groups, company details, payment information, etc. 

In order to be the company administrator, a user must also be marked as "Site Admin" and "Stat Admin" on the Users page. 

Back to the company details page, down below are the settings for time zone, weekending and year ending. These settings are used for calculation and graphing purposes. 

The weekending setting touches a number of internal settings so if you need to change it, contact us directly through the "Feedback" link above and we'll do it for you.

That's all there is to know about the company details page!