Need to view several stats at the same time? Here's how! 

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Adding Stats to the Graph


Sign in to your UseMyStats account.

2.From the top menu bar, click on 'Graphing' and select 'Graph Multiple Stats'.   



You'll arrive at a screen with no graph on the left, a section titled 'Stats on Graph' which is where your added stats will be listed and editable, and a section with drop-down menus and checkboxes on the right side of the screen where you'll add new stats. On the right side of the page you'll see a drop-down menu for 'Group', if you need to narrow down your stats to locate the one you'll be adding, go ahead and use this. Otherwise make sure 'All' is selected. 

Note: See below for more information on what each checkbox enables you to do under Additional Graphing Options.


Next, click the drop-down menu under 'Stats' and select the first stat you'd like to add. 

5.The drop-down menu under 'Time Period' allows you to view your stat on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly basis. Click and select the 'Time Period' you'd like to use to view this stat, choosing 'Automatic' will use that stat's default Time Period. 

Note: When a stat is created, you are required to choose a Time Period (how often you will be entering or calculating the values). If you have a Daily stat, you can view it Weekly, Monthly, etc. If you have a Monthly stat, however, you cannot view it in a Daily or Weekly Time Period as there are no values to graph. 

6.Next you'll click the drop-down menu under 'Date Range' and select one of the preset ranges or 'Custom' to adjust your own date range. 


You'll see 'Scale' just under the date range, this sets the lowest and highest values for each stat. You can go ahead and leave these fields blank for now (this allows the application to automatically scale the graph for you), you can go back and modify if needed. 

8.Find the section for 'Color' and click on the black rectangle. This allows you to change the color of the stat you're adding. You'll want to do this to differentiate between each stat.

9.Now go over to 'Style' and click the drop-down menu to select a solid or dotted line for this stat.

10.Look over the top section of checkboxes and select any that are applicable to your viewing needs. To view the values for this stat, be sure to select the checkbox next to 'Labels'. 

11.Click 'Add' now. This will add your first stat to the graph on the left! 

Repeat steps 3 - 11 to add your next stat(s). See below to save or edit your graph.

Editing Added Stats

1.If you need to edit the stats you've added, find and click the stat in the stat list under 'Stats on Graph' and a screen will pop up to modify the Date Range, Color, Line Style, Scale and a few other view options. Make your change and click 'Update'. 

Note: The only way to edit a stat you've already added is from the 'Stats on Graph' section. If you're unable to make the change you need from here or need to remove the stat all together, hover over stat name in this section then click on the  icon. Go back to the right side of the screen to add the stat again with your changes.

Saving your Multiple Stat Graph

Now that you've added all of your stats, you may want to save this for the future. Here's how to save and view it later.

1.Next to the heading in the section 'Stats on Graph', click the  icon, type in a name for your multiple stat graph and click 'Save'.

2.Now you can leave this page and go about your business. The next time you need to access this graph, go to the top menu bar, click on 'Graphing' and select 'Graph Multiple Stats'

3.Head over to 'Groups' in the section to the right of the screen, click the drop-down menu and select 'Saved Graphs'

4.Under 'Stats', click the drop-down menu and select the multiple stat graph you'd like to view, click 'Add' and you will see your graph on the left. 

Additional Graphing Options

When graphing multiple stats you have a few options on how you can view them. Here's a breakdown on each checkbox item and how to use them.

There are two sections of checkboxes on the right side of the screen, one is above the line and one below the line. 

The checkboxes above the line are dedicated to the individual stat you're adding. 

Notes When you enter your stat values there is a field for each entry date to make a notation. If there are notes to view, you can check the 'Notes' box and it will have a large dot over the line and date for the entry that has a note. Hover over the circle to view the date, value amount and note. 

QuotasQuotas are value goals you set or someone else may set. They are entered on the 'Single Stat Entrypage. If you have quotas you'd like to view, check the Quotas box for the stat you are adding. 

Note: You can only add the stat or the quota line. If you'd like both, be sure to add the stat twice - once with quotas, once without the quotas.

AccumulatingThis will create a line that is a running total of your stat. Very helpful if you'd like to see your income stat as a Year-to-Date line. 
LabelsLabels are simply the values for each stat. All of the examples in this help article have had the 'Labels' checkbox checked. Here is what it looks like with 'Labels' unchecked. 
Flip Graph?Flipping the graph turns the Scale upside down, so to speak. You would primarily flip a graph for a stat where a high number would be a down stat, e.g. Expenses. 

The checkboxes below the line affects all of the stats you add.

Combined Value ScaleWhen you're adding multiple stats you have the option of keeping the individual Scale of each stat you add or you can Combine the scale into one master scale to display all of your stats upon. In this example we started with the Income stat and added two salesperson stats. Checking 'Combine Value Scale' took all three scales and merged them into one scale.
Hide Value ScaleChecking this will remove the Scale to the left of the graph all together.
Overlap Date ScaleChecking this will remove the dates at the bottom of the graph
Tile GraphsTiling your graphs is especially handy if you need to see several different stats on their own graphs at the same time. It will give you a grid of each individual stat graph.
Bar GraphChecking this will turn your stats from a line graph to a bar graph.
Show LegendThe legend will tell you which color and line style belongs to which stat. 
Landscape /
This will change the graph orientation between horizontal or vertical.

If you have any questions about Graphing Multiple Stats or using any other feature of UseMyStats, please contact us