Sometimes, you will want to see your stats in different time periods. You can do this by going to the "Time Periods" drop down while graphing and selecting a new time period. This only allows you to move to bigger time periods, such as daily to monthly or monthly to quarterly. You cannot go a direction like weekly to daily because the stats have not been entered for every day, so they are not available to graph. You can adjust the time periods for both single stat and multiple stat graphs. This example will use a single stat graph. 

When you first graph your stat, "Time Period" will show as "Automatic". This just means that it is graphing on the time period you entered the stats on. The stat I am using is a daily stat, so it will automatically graph the stats on a daily time period.

If I want to view the stats in a different time period, such as weekly or monthly, I select the "Time Period" drop down box and select the one I want. I am currently viewing my stats as daily, but would like to see them weekly, so I will select "weekly". The graph will reload and show the stats as weekly. 

Below are the stats as weekly. Now I want to see them as monthly, so I select the "Monthly" from the "Time Period" drop down list. 

Below are my stats shown as monthly. Remember that you can take stats up from daily to monthly to quarterly, buy you cannot take them down, such as from weekly to daily to half day.