Introducing a new feature: Graphing an entire group on one page!

Start by clicking "Graphing", then "Graph Whole Group". 

This page lays out each individual graph in a group side by side. 

Below the graphs are each option you can change to control the display: 

1)  The first dropdown box allows you to switch and view a different group instead.


2) Use the time period box to change how large an interval exists between each line on the graph. 

3) If you have custom date ranges in your account, you can select it here. 

4) If you don't have custom date ranges or would like to use different dates, set them in the date boxes using the calendar option. 

5) Do you want the labels such as values to display on the graph?

6) Do you want targets or quotas to display on the graph in addition to actual values?

7) Do you want a larger dot on the graph to show which values have notes added? Do you want those notes to display when you hover over the dot?

8) Do you want each value to be added to the value before? For example, when 2 cookies were sold, then 3, on an accumulating graph this will display as 2, then 5.

9) Would you like the line for the previous graphing period to display on the graph as well? Such as the prior week, month, day, etc.

10) Would you like the line for the previous year to display on the graph? This will only display if there were entries for the previous year.

11) Would you like a line that displays a percentage comparison from the current value on this time period to an increase or decrease from the prior year?

After selecting any changes you'd like, click "Re-Graph Stat".

The new group, or the new settings you've selected will now display.