Have you ever wished you had all the information about a certain statistic in one place? That's why we created the Stat Snapshot. It can be accessed through the "More" then "Statistics" list. 

Now click the camera icon next to the stat you'd like to see a snapshot of. 

The header shows you which stat you're looking at, and the most recently entered value.

The next portion shows you this stat compared to prior time periods. For a daily stat, you'll see a comparison to yesterday, the same day last week, last month, last quarter, and last year. In this case I'm viewing a monthly stat so I see the comparison to last month's value, last quarter, and last year. This is a direct number comparison from this entry to the entry of the prior time period.

Next you see the stat graphed for each of these time periods. Again the time periods presented are dependent on the time period of the stat you're viewing. The math here is dependent on the setting you have in the statistic itself. A weekly stat graphed monthly will be presented by adding up each week and graphing the total for that month as a default setting. The other settings available are to average the number, or to simply graph the final number for that time period. 

If this stat is entered using a calculation, the calculation details appear next, followed by a graph for each stat involved in the calculation.

Finally you have the option to add additional graphs of statistics that are related to the stat you're viewing, but not part of the calculation. The influencing stats you choose will be saved and appear the next time you view the snapshot.