One of the most convenient features we offer is the ability to enter your stats by email. Here's how it works: 

Start at "More" and then "Statistics". 

Click the wrench icon next to the statistic you want to enter by email, or be reminded of when it isn't entered. 

Under "Advanced Settings", Look for "Who Enters". That will be the person who will be emailed.  Check the "Nudge" box, and enter how many days, after the stat was supposed to be updated, you want the email reminder to go out.  For example, if this is a weekly stat that's supposed to be updated on Fridays and I want to be emailed at end-of-day Monday (if I haven't updated the stat yet) I would enter "3" (for Saturday, Sunday and Monday) in the text-box under "Days Before Nudging".


When Monday ends without the values being entered, the owner of the stat will receive an email that looks like this: 

All you have to do now is hit "Reply", enter the value in the bracket provided, and send the email back!

Feel free to set reminders for as many statistics as you like! We collect them together for you and you receive a single email.