How do you remember weeks, months or years later what was going on in a particular timeframe? Sometimes this is vital data when a range or trend changes. 

If you typically enter stats through "Stat Entry by Group", there's a notes box all the way to the right, next to the values box. 

On the Single Stat Entry page the notes box is also on the far right past the values and quotas boxes.

Notes can also be entered on the statistic correction page, reached through the "More" option on the top menu bar, then "Statistics" and the white-out icon. 

After you've entered notes they can be seen on the graphing page. 

The indication on the graph that a note has been entered for that time period is a heavier dot. 

After hovering over the dot, a box will pop up showing the note and information about when it was entered. 

Notes will also display at the under the graph.

The controls to the right of the graph allow you to toggle whether notes will display or not. After toggling the notes box to "off" click "Re-Graph Stat" at the top. The graph will then reload without the heavy dot or pop up box. The notes will remain saved with your values and be added back to the graph anytime by toggling the notes box back to "on" and selecting "Re-Graph Stat".