Often when starting a new account, it's inconvenient to go through and add each new statistic individually. To save time and get you tracking as fast as possible, we've put together "stat bundles" of common statistics based on which type of account you're setting up. 

To begin with, we have the following options: 

Starter Business - Gross Expenses, Production Value, Total Number of Clients, Gross Income, New Inquiries

Starter Sales - Value of Sales, Inquiries, Sales Closed, New Leads, New Customers

Personal Finance - Income, Expenses, Total Debt, Savings

Personal Health - Water Consumed, Hours of Sleep, Number of Steps, Calories Consumed, Calories Burned, Weight

Small Business - Quantity of Marketing Sent Out, Production Scheduled, Total Value of Assets, Gross Income, New Inquiries, Overdue Collections, Value of Sales, Total Number of Clients, New Leads, New Customers, Production Delivered, Gross Expenses, Number of Staff, Quality Inspections Passed, Number of Sales

Basic Doctor - Overall Production, Total Number of Patients, Nurse/Assistant Production, Number of Office Visits, New Patients, Number of Appointments, Collections, Expenses, Doctor Production

Basic Web Site Tracking - Number of Sign ups, First Time Visitors, Number of Registrations, Unique Visitors, Number of Sessions, Average Session Length

Using the stat bundle allows you to set up all of the stats for the bundle you select in one go. During setup you're free to delete a few, add a few, and customize the bundle at will, but you're saved the time of initial set up. 

So, how do you set up a stat bundle? Start by going to the main menu bar and clicking "More", then "Statistics". 

Click the "Add Stat Bundle" option. 

To view the specifics of a bundle before using it, click the "View Details" button. 

Once you've decided which package to use, click the "Setup" button.

The list of stats about to be created is now displayed. You can change the name of a stat, how it calculates, delete one entirely, or add one to the list.

Once you've customized the bundle, scroll to the bottom and click the "Make These Stats" button.

All the stats from your bundle are now created just like magic!