Does UseMyStats have an option for getting my data back out of the system? What if I just want to see the history of values on a stat, without the graph? Is there a simple way to find my highest ever week? All of these options are easily done within the "Data Grid" page, accessible through the "Graphing" tab.

You are now viewing your stat data in grid form, rather than as a graph. Boxes highlighted in blue indicate highest ever; boxes highlighted in green indicate second highest ever. An asterisk indicates a note has been entered for that weekending. Hover over the box to view the note.

Data from this page can be exported to your computer by setting the stat group and date ranges above, then clicking "Export". The file downloads as an Excel file you may then save or print. Note: The downloaded file is an Excel 2007+ file format, so if you have an earlier version of Excel you'll need to install the Office Compatibility Pack, which will let you open the file. You can then re-save it as a Excel 2003 format if you want to work with the data. Here's a link to the download from Microsoft:

One final feature on the Data Grid page is the ability to view stat totals and averages with a click of your mouse. Click and drag your mouse over the values you would like to calculate. A bar now appears at the top of the screen showing the total and average values of your selected items.