There are several ways to enter stat information to your account. You can enter by individual statistic, groups of statistics, and by multiple dates at a time. But what if you are just setting up your account, or have multiple new statistics to enter that have been tracked for a long time? Don't worry, we have an import feature that makes it simple and fast.First, click on "Enter Stats", then the "Import Stats From Excel" option:

In order for the statistics to upload to the system correctly, they need to be correctly formatted:
  • Your file should have one of the following allowed file extensions:
    .xls (Excel '97-'03)
    .xlsx (Excel 2007)
    .txt (tab-delimited)
    .csv (comma-delimited)

  • Dates go in the first column to the left, with the top box blank. If you are using one of the Excel programs, make sure you have formatted this column as dates. 


  • IMPORTANT: Create a separate file for each type of reporting interval you want to upload. Including different intervals (for example, weekly statistics and quarterly statistics) in the same file will result in errors when uploading.

  • Stat names should be in the top row, with the first box in the row blank. Note: If you are importing values into statistics that have already been created in UseMyStats, make sure the names match exactly. If the names don't match the stats already in UseMyStats (with the appropriate time period) , a new stat will be created.

  • Stat values should be entered without any formatting or formulas. If you need to remove hidden formulas from a spreadsheet, copy the column, then click "Paste values only" to paste the column to another portion of the spreadsheet. Copy again and paste back to the original location. The formulas will be removed, but your stat values will remain.

  • Any weeks for which you don't have values should be left blank. A blank cell will upload as an unreported week, whereas a cell with "0" entered will upload as a reported value of "0" for that week. You can always enter values for unreported weeks later on.

  • Here is an example of a .xlsx file (Excel 2007) ready for upload: 

You now have a file ready for upload! Select the file, set the reporting interval and click "Import":

After the upload has completed, a confirmation message will display in red. "Success" displays the number of values successfully imported. "Failed" will display the number of values that did not upload successfully, if any, as well as a message explaining why.

If you are unable to correct a problem with uploading, send us a feedback report using the button in the upper left and we will help!