The graphing section of UseMyStats includes full options for viewing stats over specific dates, including prior years, comparisons to other stats, etc. But what if you just want a quick answer on a particular stat? What if you don't need the graph, just the math? This is what the quick-view of totals and averages is for.

First, go to "Enter Stats", "Backlog Stat Entry" and pull up the stat you would like to run totals and averages for:


Next, click on the value of the first stat in the range you would like to run and drag your mouse to the last value. Each value selected will turn yellow, and a bar will appear at the top of the screen displaying the total value for the selected weeks, as well as the average value of each week. To clear the entry, click "clear" at the right-hand side.

These math features are also available on the Data Grid page.