Does it ever feel like you have to be Einstein to turn a daily stat into a monthly stat?

Do you end up making multiple stats, one for each span of time in a desperate attempt to succeed?

We hate feeling confused, and we especially hate doing something more than once which is why we're hereby announcing The Magic Button which will take the guesswork, double entry, and complication out of using the same statistic over different time periods. Here's how it works:

First ensure you have a statistic set up for the smallest time period, the one you actually enter values for. For example, daily gross income. Then, follow the directions below to have us automatically create the rest of them for you!

First go to "Statistics" under "More", and select "+Add Stat"


Enter the new stat name, set the larger time period you don't want to enter values for, change the values dropdown to "Accumulating", then click "Set Up Data".

Select the statistic we talked about earlier, the one you're actually entering values for, then click "Save & Recalculate All Values". Here I select "Gross Income (Burnside Practice)" which is the daily stat.

Sit back and let the magic happen, you're DONE! We're now sprinting through each entry for the small time period and doing the math to generate the other stats. The next time I enter daily coffee sales numbers, UseMyStats will add up, enter, and graph the monthly stat as well. Why stop at monthly, anyway? If you didn't know, we also have quarterly and annual time periods. Go crazy, you know you want to!