Say goodbye to the days of logging in each week to create the same multiple graph you created the week before! Follow these simple steps to create one easily accessible graph that represents multiple statistics:

Begin at the basic Stats page, and click "Add Stat".

Enter the name for your combination graph, change the "Values" box to "Combo Graph" and click "Set Up Data".

Use the dropdown box to select each statistic you want represented on the single graph, use the box to the left to set the color you want the line to appear (leave it black for the standard black&red appearance), the dropdown box in the center to set the appearance of the line, and add them to the list by clicking the "Add" button on the right.

Save your new combination stat, and you're ready to graph!

You can now view the combination graph without having to build it newly each week, add it to your dashboard, print, add to a group, the sky's the limit!