If you would prefer to watch a short video tutorial instead, click here: https://usemystats.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/8000065144-how-to-create-a-stat-group-video-

Stat groups are designed to make organizing and working with your statistics as easy as possible. From assigning specific groups of stats to specific employees to organizing the order your stats show up and skipping past those you don't need, stat groups are a vital part of making your account flow. 

The system provides default stat groups based on time frames, organizing your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly stats on both the stat entry and graphing displays. 

Creating a stat group of your own beyond the defaults is simple. Start at "More", then "Stat Groups". 

Click “Create New” to add a new group, or the wrench icon to edit an existing group.

Name your stat group, select the interval,  who can see the group, and click “Save”.

After clicking "Save", you can add stats by clicking on them from the right-hand side and dragging to the left-hand side. Only stats that match the time frame of your group will be available to add. For example, only daily stats are available in this case, since this is a daily group.

The stats you've added will now show up in the grid below. If you need to remove a stat, just drag it back to the right-hand side.

When you're done editing the stats in your group, click “Save”. To enter values for your new group, go to “Enter values”, “Stat Group Entry". 

Select your group in the drop down menu, and only those statistics will appear in the grid for entry.

From the graphing page, you can also select the group to scroll through only these statistics, print only this group, etc.

Just like that, you have your group and can enter stats faster and easier from now on!